Xtra factor presenter dating one direction

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Caroline Louise Flack (born on November 9, 1979) is a British television and radio presenter.

She rose to fame in England via her role as host on The Xtra Factor, where she would interview past and present X Factor contestants. In 2002, Flack played her first television role as Bubbles on the sketch show Bo' Selecta! She then went on to present the International Pepsi Chart Show, before she presented links between videos on E4 Music and co-presented The Games: Live at Trackside on E4 with Justin Lee Collins.

In 2011, Flack was a team captain on the ITV2 game show Minute to Win It. we get on really well.” When asked for clarification they were only friends, Harry stated “Who knows, we’ll see what happens" before changing his answer to “I mean, yes, I mean yes!

In May 2011, it was announced that Flack and singer Olly Murs would co-present the eighth series of The Xtra Factor, replacing Konnie Huq. for the tenth series in 2013, while Murs was replaced by Matt Richardson. On 24 August 2015, Flack announced on her Twitter account that she would release an autobiography titled "Storm In A C Cup" on 22 October 2015. On The Late Late Show Ireland on November 25, Harry stated "We’re just really good friends. ” The majority of One Direction fans took a disliking to Flack, as they believe her relationship with Styles was a publicity stunt designed to create a womanizing image for Harry, while exploiting him, in order to generate publicity for The X Factor, and make Harry an infamous public figure.

They looked like a happy couple holding hands and riding the rides at the California theme park.


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